Scientology Churches and Missions Celebrate 60th Anniversary of Dianetics the Modern Science of Mental Health

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Dianetics in New Delhi

Scientologists mark a new era for Dianetics at events in Scientology Churches and Missions around the world—tens of thousands attend.

Tens of thousands of Scientologists attended events in every Scientology Church and Mission this month.  The outstanding Dianetics auditors, groups and booksellers in each zone were awarded in the celebration of the 60 years since the first publication of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health by L. Ron Hubbard.  The anniversary also marked the greatest expansion of Dianetics in history, with more than 4,500 Dianetics Groups around the world and record numbers of visitors to the Dianetics website from more than 20,000 cities in 214 nations.  Since its first publication May 9, 1950, more than 21.8 million copies of Dianetics have been sold.

The Dianetics boom started in March 2009 when Mr. David Miscavige, ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion, announced the completion of a project to place Dianetics and 17 other hardback Scientology and Dianetics titles, published in 16 languages, in more than 97,000 librariesevery national, city and university lending library in the world. Then, to open the subject up to 90 percent of the world’s population, that same month Dianetics and eight other beginning Dianetics and Scientology books were published in paperback editions in 50 languages.

With Dianetics more accessible than ever in history, in June 2009 Mr. Miscavige released “How to Use Dianetics,” a film that revolutionized the subject. In four and one-half hours, the film covers the Dianetics book in such detail that those watching are able to immediately put Dianetics technology to use.  As Mr. Miscavige announced to an international audience of Scientologists, “These films are not about Dianetics. Rather, they are films of Dianetics.”

The film is the centerpiece of the new Dianetics Seminar, offered in Scientology Churches, Missions and Dianetics groups on five continents.

Dianetics in Mali

At the seminar, with the guidance of trained Dianetics supervisors, attendees pair up to apply Dianetics to each other, using the information they have just learned. The book and film are so descriptive of Dianetics procedure, those living far from a Scientology Church or Mission can watch the film on their own, read the book and begin to use the technology at home, and many do.

The application of Dianetics technology to another is called “auditing” from the Latin word audire, “to listen.”  “My last year has been a complete hell,” wrote one person who decided to attend a Dianetics seminar and receive auditing to sort this out. “I had so many things hidden inside. Now that I got everything off my chest, I feel extremely relieved.”

“I feel revitalized,” said another seminar participant.  “I have much better understanding and compassion for people who are struggling with pain and loss on a daily basis and don’t even realize it.”

A significant aspect of the Dianetics seminar is that while receiving help, one learns to help another. “Wow! It was a great experience to assist someone to get through a painful event,” said an attendee.  “To see the person brighten up is so amazing.”

Dianetics in Kenya
With Dianetics gaining popularity from Katmandu, Nepal, to Kiisi, Kenya, and from Almaty, Kazakhstan, to Bergamo, Italy, last year a record-breaking 3.7 million hours of Dianetics auditing were delivered internationally.   For more information on Dianetics  or to order a copy of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, visit the Dianetics website.


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Scientology Volunteer Ministers pledge to help build a brighter future for Haiti on country’s Flag Day

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Flag Day in Haiti May 18 took on new significance this year as Haitians and friends from around the world reaffirmed their commitment to rebuild the country from the January 2010 earthquake.

In this spirit, 100 Haitian Scientology Volunteer Ministers, joined by dozens of Volunteer Ministers from abroad, made the hour-long march from the Port-au-Prince suburb of Carrefour to the city of Leogane Tuesday, May 18, waving the Haitian flag with its motto “unity and freedom” and carrying bright yellow banners proclaiming “Something can be done about it”-the motto of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers.

In the village of Mariani on the outskirts of Leogane, Scientology Volunteer Ministers from Canada, Russia, the Ukraine, Mexico, Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark and the United States joined their Haitian colleagues in the Haitian national anthem while Max Beauvoir, Haiti’s main voodoo leader, raised the Haitian flag at the Volunteer Ministers tent where volunteers provide free training and one-on-one help.

Haitian Flag Day marks the day in 1803 when native leaders ripped the white field out of the French  “tri-color” flag, forming a symbol of unity in their decade-long fight against French oppression that kept 500,000 enslaved on the island. Eight months later, this became the official flag for the new nation of Haiti.

Despite the passion and determination of the Haitian people, which made Haiti the only nation ever formed of a successful slave revolt, even before the January earthquake Haiti was the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.  Some 300,000 Haitian children were orphaned or living without parents.  Of 182 nations on Earth Haiti ranked 125th in literacy and 158th in Gross Domestic Product per capita.

These factors and a host of other social issues indicate it was not just an act of nature that devastated Haiti in January.  These issues are what the Scientology Volunteer Ministers address in their training.

For example, there is no official building code in Haiti, and the city of Port-au-Prince was doomed to collapse.  Anne Kiremidjian, professor of civil and environmental engineering at Stanford University, described it in these terms: “Even a moderate sized event would have toppled these buildings down.  This earthquake was a very large event and they had absolutely no chance of standing up.”

While Scientology Volunteer Ministers continue to do relief work and construction projects in Haiti hospitals, clinics, orphanages and refugee camps, they are working on a longer-range program to tackle the underlying social issues that brought Haiti to the brink of destruction and ensure the country emerges from this disaster a strong society whose people have the opportunity they deserve.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers have opened 300 Volunteer Ministers groups in Haiti and are training government agencies, community and religious leaders, educators, students and scouts.  With so many traumatized, they begin with a seminar called “Assists for Injuries and Illnesses,” containing technology developed by Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard to handle the emotional and spiritual effects of loss and injury.  They follow up with training in study technology to increase literacy and the ability to apply one’s education.  Then come workshops in the basics of organization, planning, and communication skills, to ensure the people of Haiti have the tools they need.

In developing the Scientology Volunteer Ministers program in 1976, L. Ron Hubbard wrote, “It is important to understand bad conditions don’t just happen. The cultural decay we see around us isn’t haphazard. It was caused. Unless one understands this he won’t be able to defend himself or reach out into the society with effectiveness.” To learn more about the courses and seminars visit the Scientology Volunteer Ministers website at

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Scientology Volunteer Ministers in the Next Phase of Haiti Disaster Relief

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Scientology Volunteer Ministers Disaster Response team carries on its work

Four months since the 7.0 earthquake that devastated Port-au-Prince, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Disaster Response team carries on its work in hospitals and clinics while they train disaster workers, refugees, teachers and students and help in the reconstruction effort. Since January 12, 2010, more than 300 Scientology Volunteer Ministers from 21 countries have given aid to more than 300,000 people, including thousands of orphans, in the form of shelter, food, medical care and trauma counseling.

Within a week of the disastrous day, the Church of Scientology chartered the first of six flights that transported 369 medical professionals and rescue workers to Haiti with Volunteer Ministers to support them in their work. They also transported 263,000 pounds of food, medical and other supplies to the country, and distributed it to refugees, charities, schools, hospitals and clinics.

The medical infrastructure in ruins, Scientology Volunteer Ministers assisted in operating rooms, delivered babies, organized medical supplies and cared for and fed patients. For weeks, Scientology  Volunteer Ministers worked in the General Hospital of Port-au-Prince and the University of Miami tent hospital and in makeshift hospitals and clinics around the city. One Volunteer Minister team helped a Haitian aid organization rebuild an orphanage that now cares for 111 orphans. Others teamed up with military and aid organizations to distribute food and medical supplies throughout western Haiti.

With hundreds of thousands dead and injured, Scientology volunteers have been providing one-on-one help, seminars, workshops and classes in technology developed by Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard that help people cope with stress, loss, grief, pain and shock. Reaching out with organizational and logistics support to refugee camps in Port-au-Prince and outlying towns, Volunteer Ministers have helped set up eight camps around Haiti and another one on the Dominican Republic border to help refugees and bring food and supplies into Haiti. They have also trained more than 281 Haitian Volunteer Minister teams that have joined them in helping in neighborhoods and camps throughout the region. The next phase of Haiti relief is the long-term work to rebuild the country, and Volunteer Ministers are active in this too, working with local residents to construct shelters and reconstruct sewage and water systems. Created more than 30 years ago by Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard, the Volunteer Ministers program has expanded to 203,000 Volunteer Ministers worldwide who have served at 175 major disaster sites. More than 800 Volunteer Ministers responded to the World Trade Center disaster; 500 from 11 nations served in relief efforts in Southeast Asia, India, Thailand and Sri Lanka after the 2004 tsunami; nearly one thousand volunteered in Louisiana and Mississippi after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. They have been featured on Good Morning America and CNN and in stories in National Geographic, The New York Times, The Economist, The Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal.

Volunteer Ministers have trained and partnered with more than 800 different groups, organizations and agencies including the Red Cross, FEMA, the National Guard, and police and fire departments and are active members of VOAD (Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters). Their work in Haiti is an example of how they carry out the Volunteer Ministers motto: “Something can be done about it.”

For more information on the Scientology Haiti Disaster Response, visit the Volunteer Ministers blog at

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