Scientology Human Rights Department releases new Human Rights Education film

December 27, 2008 at 6:10 pm (Church of Scientology, Human Rights, L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology, youth for human rights) (, , , )

Ok, they are co-sponsoring it… but here is the press release:

New Human Rights Educational Film Launched at the Concert for Human Rights in Brussels

To celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a new human rights educational film has been launched during the “Concert for Human Rights” at the Théatre Royal du Parc, featuring “one of today’s best guitarists”, according the critics, Italian Flavio Cucchi, and French mezzo-soprano Elizabeth Jacques. Keynote speaker of the celebration was Ms. Laura Guercio, President of L.A.W. – Legal Aid Worldwide.

The European premiere of the film titled “The story of Human Rights” was warmly welcomed by the audience composed of diplomats, representatives of European Institutions and agencies and concerned organization of civil society, recognizing the need to dramatically improve the human rights standards in all countries of the world.

As noted by Ms. Laura Guercio, “the Universal Declaration is not luxury neither a mere auspice. Sixty years after the declaration, many members of the human family are still far enjoying the own rights and the own necessities of base.”

The denounce of L.A.W.’s President echoed the recent figures released by UN Agency ILO, International Labor Organization, reporting 30 million men, women and children subjugated all over the world, a figure that exceeds the number of slaves deported from Africa between 1450 and 1900. According to ILO there are over 100 million children exploited in every corner of Earth and over 300,000 child-soldier spread in war torn countries around the world. According to analysis of the UN and the International Organization for Migration, slavery is today the third world market after drug and weapon trafficking, with revenue touching 13 billion dollar yearly.

After 60 years, the world is a very long way from achieving the goals laid down in the Universal Declaration. UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Ms. Navanethem Pillay, has just warned that “tens of millions of people around the world are still unaware that they have rights that they can demand, and that their governments are accountable to them, and to a wide-ranging body of rights-based national and international law.” The film “Story of Human Rights” serves the purpose of filling the gap of awareness of the unalienable basic rights of all men in all countries, in all Continents.

The concert was organized by the Brussels Committee of the 60th Anniversary of the UDHR, a number of organizations from diverse backgrounds but all committed to improve human rights: Global Human Rights Defense, European Foundation for Human Rights and Tolerance, European Human Rights Office of the Church of Scientology International; L.A.W.- Legal Aid Worldwide; the Protestant Liberal Church of Bruxelles; Youth for Human Rights International; Institute for Peace and Development and the United International.

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