Scientology handbook on how to study

September 28, 2008 at 1:11 am (Church of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology) (, )

A teacher’s primary goal is to provide children the most effective tools they need to succeed in life. Keeping this in focus, L Ron Hubbard formulated the techniques best suited for inculcating the knowhow among students at schools on how to study.

Teachers around the world enter their profession to help create the future of society by providing children with the tools they need to succeed in life. Perhaps, no profession is in greater need of the technology developed by L Ron Hubbard.

Teachers at a primary school in India attend a seminar in study technology, developed by Hubbard.
In the course of researching how to educate people to effectively apply Scientology principles, Hubbard came face to face with the fact that there was no technology of study with declining literacy in schools despite billions being poured into improving the quality of education.
Hubbard isolated key factors that prevent a person from being able to assimilate information and use it, and that’s a vital factor in education today.
The study technology LRH developed to overcome this is part of the skills of a volunteer minister. In surveying the leaders of the countries they visit, the Scientology volunteer ministers goodwill tours find this subject to be one service that nearly every city or town recognises as important.
So, it was with this seminar given recently to teachers at a primary school in Delhi, India. When educators learn the simple tools covered in the chapter of the Scientology handbook called ’The Technology of Study’ and the booklet by the same title (which is now published in Hindi and Bengali) the recognition of the value of this is immediate. Having isolated the most basic barriers to study, Hubbard provided simple tools any student can learn. As covered in the Scientology handbook: ’Consider this for a moment: In all your schooling, did anyone teach you how to study something?’
Today, many young persons graduating from school are unable to read or write at a level adequate to hold a job or deal with life. It is a big problem. It is not that subjects cannot be learned. What isn’t taught is how to learn. It is the missing step in all education.
Hubbard filled this gap by supplying the first and only technology of how to study. He discovered the laws on which learning is based and developed workable methods for anyone to apply. He called this subject ’Study Technology. This technology provides an understanding of the basics of learning and supplies exact ways to overcome all the pitfalls one can encounter during study.

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