Romania: Scientology Volunteer Minister Tent Opens

September 15, 2008 at 5:30 pm (Church of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology, Volunteer Ministers) (, , )

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers Eastern European Goodwill Tour completed a very successful week in Mihai Viteazul square in the heart of Cluj, Romania. During that week, they introduced 3200 people to effective solutions from the Scientology Handbook by L. Ron Hubbard. Now they have moved their bright yellow to the next venue in Cluj — the Iulius Mall.

For the past three years the Tour, which arrived in Cluj Napoca earlier this month, has been visiting towns and cities throughout the Eastern European countries of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia and Poland.

“Our activities are very new and very interesting to Cluj,” said Diana Stahl, Public Relations Director of the Easter European Scientology Volunteer Minister Goodwill Tour. “There is a great demand for knowledge about improving life in this country — how to communicate better, how to improve the education of children, how to raise living standards. And this is exactly what people find in the 19 courses at the yellow tent.”

A businesswoman from Cluj who took her first course at the tent wrote:

“I came here very skeptical, but at the same time attracted by something. When I heard your announcement on TV I felt that this was just for me and just at the right time. I was looking for something that I was missing.

“I came here and of all the brochures I picked up the one about ‘Communication‘ was what I wanted. This was what I was missing!

“I made friends very quickly with the team. They were very eager to help me, and after just the first hour I understood many things. I understood how simple relationships between people are and how easy it can be to communicate.

“After two hours I postponed all my meetings for the next week, because for me what I found here was urgent and a total priority.

“I read the booklet page by page like a person who was thirsty for information. I got my answers!”

One of the staff of a nonprofit organization working with children in Cluj shared her success after completing the course on the raising of children:

“What impressed me was the applicability of what I learned — that I could use it practically every day. The step-by-step approach in the learning process is also essential and satisfaction comes from seeing that what you learned does have a meaning and an immediate effect on improving the quality of life.

“Children will certainly benefit from a more attentive orientation to their needs. Just like the Orthodox religion recommends as well, listening to the one sitting in front of you and loving him or her is the most important thing in order to have him or her as a trustworthy communication partner.”

After taking the Technology of Study Course a student from Cluj wrote:

“The Technology of Study Course not only changed my perception about learning but more importantly it gave me a perception because school did not.

“I can say that now I am more aware when I read/learn. My reading is much more efficient because I no longer need to read a sentence several times. Also by concentrating more on words, my memory is more profound.

“Understanding the barriers of study and the ways of avoiding them opened up new horizons for me in my professional and spiritual evolution.”


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