Scientologists all over the world active in helping others

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Just another example what Scientologists spend their time with. Traveling around disaster zones or confronting and helping suffering people may be not for you but you will be happy to have a Volunteer Minister trained person around if you are in need or facing a disaster.

Report: Scientology Today:

On the one-year anniversary of their arrival in the Philippines, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Asia Goodwill Tour can look back on many rewarding experiences, working with individuals and community leaders and providing disaster relief training to police, firefighters and other official disaster response agencies and organizations.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers demonstrate how to perform a Scientology Assist to officers at a workshop at the Mandaue Police Station.

A classic example of their work was a seminar held in May for some 40 police officers at Camp Sergio Osmena, in Cebu. It began with a workshop to polish up communication skills and was followed with training in Scientology assists* — techniques first responders find invaluable for helping orient people to their environment and overcome the immediate trauma of a disaster. They also gave them a seminar titled, “How to Resolve Conflicts,” based on a chapter of the Scientology Handbook.

“I think the Volunteer Minister Program is very useful in the community. It really helps a person overcome difficulties,” said one police officer. “The Volunteer Ministers are so helpful,” said another, who commented specifically on their “dedication to reach out to people.”

Scientology Volunteer Ministers with trainees at the Cebu Regional and City Fire Station.

“This program is very useful and will help those who are in need. It brings answers to difficulties,” said another officer, who particularly appreciated how “friendly, kind and generous” the volunteers are.

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers also provided training to members of the Philippines National Police and Air Force, the Philippines Dangerous Drugs Board and staff at the Quezon City Public Safety Office.

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers stepped in with direct assistance in Philippines disasters this year, including helping survivors and the families of those who died when a ferry carrying 800 sank off the coast of Manila in a typhoon in June.

Fire fighters from Cebu at a Scientology Volunteer Ministers seminar.

The Goodwill Tour held workshops and seminars for heath care workers, hospital staff and Red Cross representatives, and provided training to classes at the School of Labor and Industrial Relations, the University of the Philippines Diliman and the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

Their training isn’t limited to disaster relief. They provide courses and seminars on topics that help in every aspect of life, from the raising of children and strengthening relationships to helping people cope with difficulties at work, set targets and goals and overcome the effects of drugs. These courses are offered free of charge to anyone who requests them or visits the Scientology Volunteer Ministers tent.

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers Goodwill Tour with police officers at Camp Sergio Osmena in Cebu.

“I think the Volunteer Minister Program is a great help to people especially in having knowledge on the realities of life,” said a criminologist who attended one of their workshops. “I’ve learned things which I didn’t know before. Thanks and continue the good work.”

The motto of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers is “Something CAN be done about it.” The Goodwill Tour provides training that gives people the tools to make this statement a reality.

* Scientology assists are techniques developed by Scientology Founder, L. Ron Hubbard, that orient people to their present environment and help them deal with the spiritual and emotional aspects of injuries, illness and trauma.


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