A New Perspective on the Will Smith School

June 30, 2008 at 9:40 pm (Church of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology, will smith) (, , )

The ether has been deluged with ominous allegations of a “Scientology connection” in Will Smith’s new private school. And OMFG, it is even reported that there are Scientologists planning to teach there! Hurry! Where’s the bird flue vaccine!

Can you please chill out? Someone must really think Scientology is big news if they think this is a “story.”

I admit Will Smith is one of the sexiest men alive. But let’s really put this in perspective. The Google Directory indexes web sites of more than 600 Christian colleges and universities just in the United States. At least 34 of these are Catholic schools. Do you read about this in the news? Not very likely. Do we then have people clamoring at the gates complaining their kids are being proselytized? I don’t think so. CBS News ran a homey, friendly, everyone-thinks-it’s-great show in 2006 about the most famous graduates of Notre Dame, including Joe Montana and Regis Philbin. Was this followed by a spate of controversy over whether Regis was a closet priest of Joe really wants to join a monastery?

So what’s the controversy? That Scientologists claim they get better results than the school system by using study technology? That Will Smith would prefer that his kids learn karate and sports and how to read and write than that they spend their school days learning how to cheat on tests and sneak in a toke in the bathroom?

If Will Smith wants to spend his money setting up a school so his kids get a step up in life, I say go for it.


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