“Anonymous” Web threat against Stevenson school ‘a joke’

June 11, 2008 at 2:33 am (Anonymous, Scientology) (, )

Defensive attorneys for the teenager accused of making a Halloween threat against blacks and athletes at Adlai E. Stevenson High School remained adamant during opening arguments Tuesday that the threat was a joke and was not targeting any local school.

Lawyers argued that Jeremie Dalin, 17, of Fox River Grove posted an elaborate threat on Web site 4chan.org because he wanted to elicit reactions from other posters, but he didn’t plan to carry out any action.

The trial is expected to continue this afternoon. If convicted, Dalin could be sentenced to four to 15 years in prison and fined $25,000.

In the Oct. 29 threat, which was accompanied by a photo of a shotgun and two shotgun shells, Dalin wrote that he was tired of being picked on and contemplated suicide. It went on to say that he will take matters into his own hands on Oct. 31 and get revenge at Adlai E. Stevenson High School. The threat specifically targeted athletes and blacks.

“I won’t let anyone get away with this. I have suffered too much,” Dalin wrote in the message.

Ten days later, Lincolnshire police charged Dalin with making a false terrorist threat.

The FBI did not press charges because it deemed the threat not serious.

Dalin did not have any weapons at his home or a history of being picked on at school.

Dalin’s attorney, Michael Levinsohn argued Tuesday that his client was simply posting a “crazy” story on a site that accepts works of fiction. He also said Dalin was unaware of Adlai E. Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, despite being a student at Barrington High School, just a few miles away.

Dalin said he picked the school name randomly from a Web site listing American high schools, and thought he was targeting a school in New York, which is where one of the nation’s four Adlai E. Stevenson High Schools is located.

The threat remained on the 4chan Web site for about nine minutes, until Dalin realized people were taking it seriously and he removed it.

Whether it was meant to be taken seriously or not, the threat was made and that itself is a crime, said prosecutor Mary Stanton, Chief of the Cyber Crimes Division of the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office.

The day after the threat was posted, many concerned parents phoned police in Lincolnshire and Buffalo Grove about the safety of students.

On Halloween, more than 500 Stevenson students were absent.



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