Colorado Human Rights Heroes

November 30, 2007 at 3:29 am (Uncategorized)

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Shewaga Gebre-Michael and
Carina Gilford, freshmen at the University of Colorado
in Boulder, each received the Youth for Human Rights Hero Award at the
2nd Annual Colorado Human Rights Hero Awards, co-hosted by the Church
of Scientology
of Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Youth for Human

The award ceremony was recently held at the Tivoli Center on
the Auraria Campus in Denver following a human rights conference on
gang violence. Hero Awards are given to recognize young people and
caring adults who have made an impact in their area through human
rights activities and the implementation of one or more of the 30 human
rights described in the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human

Ms. Gebre-Michael and Ms. Gilford co-chair the Freshman
Action Team of the Black Student Alliance at CU Boulder where they
direct a team of volunteers who reach out into their community and help
others. Their team tutors minority youth in elementary schools in the
Denver and Boulder areas; they cook in soup kitchens to feed the
hungry; they do environmental clean-up projects and they educate youth
about AIDS and give cultural presentations on black heritage. Both
young women have become role models for the youth that they work with.

Also awarded as Colorado Human Rights Heroes were
James Tucker, founder and publisher of the African-American Voice and Reverend
Heidi McGinness, Outreach Director of Christian Solidarity International, U.S.A..

Mr. Tucker’s publication, the African-American Voice, is a
regional monthly newspaper that emphasizes civil and human rights
issues. Mr. Tucker also publishes “Colorado’s Guide to Diversity” which
keeps the public informed on diversity subjects, events and issues. Mr.
Tucker has been a crusader for civil and human rights in Colorado
Springs for many years, working with his community, his neighborhood
and with the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs.

Pastor McGinness’ work has taken her to war-torn Sudan,
Africa for the past four years where she has succeeded in liberating
over 700 men, women and children from slavery. She has also delivered
thousands of tons of grain and basic living supplies and hundreds of
pounds of medicine as well as spiritual support and hope.

The Rocky Mountain Youth for Human Rights Club was formed in
2005 and is a local club affiliated with Youth for Human Rights
International, an organization dedicated to educating youth about the
Universal Declaration of Human Rights so they can become valuable
advocates for tolerance and peace. The Church of Scientology has teamed
up with Youth for Human Rights International to launch a public
education program to make human rights known, understood and


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