Dianetics: Reading is fun

August 29, 2007 at 6:55 am (Church of Scientology, David Miscavige, Human Rights, L. Ron Hubbard, Religion, Scientology, Scientology Handbook)

I just realized that I am rolling through a section of the Dianetics book which previously needed ‘extra attention and concentration’! There are several things I have noted thus far in the course of reading. The ‘Synopsis” (in the beginning) made a huge difference in introducing the subject and giving me a point of reference in reading the book. I can have someone read just the synopsis and they will read the book.

The glossary is AWESOME! I have found all I needed there, exact definitions, right at my finger tips, literally! The layout, type face and spacing on each page seems to be speeding my reading and comprehension. Something I didn’t expect. All in all, with the changes that been made, this is the most fun I have had with Dianetics (the modern science of mental health)! It is not that I am able to ‘remember’ the data – it is data that I know know. I will certainly be getting this new edition into the hands of friends and family! This stuff needs no sales pitch! Get it.

Scientology Basics



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